Marble is a coating that never goes out of fashion, we all know, in Pierdekor we have been working this material for many years. We buy marble from the best factories in Europe.

Marble is pure natural beauty that lasts unalterable with the passage of time we use it for classic and contemporary styles.

Why choose marble for my home?

It is a coating, for its versatility, which can be used both outdoors and indoors where it gains more prominence. It is a material that combines very well with wood and glass. In Pierdekor we have made bathrooms using marble both on the floor and on walls and the result is spectacular.

Always the white tone has been the most used, but in recent years other tonalities have been added to our catalog. Like the pink color, hue between gold and bronze, it combines very well with elements in those colors.

The marble in rosé color brings to the spaces a classic and romantic air, very sophisticated, it brings a lot of calm and relaxation to the spaces.
While white marble gives us a lot of light and modernity. We always expand the spaces, ideal for small spaces, a lot of cleaning, ideal to combine it with other types of marbles.

In addition to these marbles colors exist in red, green, yellow, brown and of course black.

Our Travertine Marble

The Travertino marble is perhaps the most famous and used in the construction to be a natural stone, easy care, resistant to heat and easy to polish, as well as being very anti-slip, we can use in salons and bathrooms. We have also made exterior facades with this material, since it is very thermal and does not affect the rain or heat.

In addition we always have our mosaics in marble and natural stone. The marble mosaics are spectacular because of the brilliance of the material, we get amazing shapes and colors that last over the years due to the high quality of the material.

If you are thinking about this material, to decorate or coat your house in Pierdekor we have the best marble prices in the market, a great value for money. We do not work with Asian factories, only with factories consecrated in Europe and Turkey.

Get in touch with us, we will advise you on everything you need without any commitment to purchase.

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