Quality linings for the home

In Pierdekor, we create elegance and luxury, with care throughout the whole process, from the consulting, selection of pieces, design, to the final result. We treat our customers in a tailor made fashion.
The beauty of the stones is as important as their treatment during construction. Particularly when installing mosaics, the detail and attention to each piece is paramount since the process is all handmade to create a genuine master pieces.

Garden Andalusian style mosaics

When building Andalus-style patios, even though the stones are bigger, the process is as
thorough and artistic.

Our craftsmen have learned the job from previous generations and are extremely methodical in the design and installation. With the collection Calades we are emulating the patios of the Almoravides from Al-Andalus.

Golden Stones for Rustic Houses

For exterior rustic-classic stile work, we recommend Pierres Dorees, this Golden stones of inexplicable beauty make us feel in the abbeys and the Borgne Castle.

Luxury coatings

To drift away into magical places we have the Boheme collection, our luxury and bohemian art line inspired in the Venetian style. Any space decorated using this style will make us feel in the Luxury astonishing Venetia of the golden years.

For classic, modern or vanguard designs we can always count in the Tiles Collection, made of ancient marble, Borders and carpets made out of the this collection will leave you speechless.

We adapt to your style and idea, we advise and guarantee none alike breathtaking spaces.
Give us a call and let us know what is in your mind and we will make it a reality.

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