Pierdekor has a wide range of products and designs to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
Next, we present a series of products that we call the exceptional.

The products that we present really stand out and among them we can find, for the funds:
Burdur Beige, 1×1 without beige joints, perfect to combine with the borders of our collection.
Ephesus Perge, mounted in squares, separated and united at the same time;
Random Brick Multi, beautiful combination of the mixture of 4 marbles placed in elongated pieces.
Ottoman, travertine rectangles aged mosaic trend that convey elegance and sophistication.
not to mention the exceptional design of Kaleidoscope, Crosswise, Stacked Blend, etc.

Regarding the borders:
Klim can not be described, this valance has its place in a museum!
The series of the Mini Brick, Random Border, Stacking Stones inspired by the tradition of the mosaic of the ancient era.
Appreciable circular detail of Nazar!
To give a more modern touch to your space you can not miss our Silver Sandow border and with a more avant-garde air we find the Double Stich and Fine Stitch borders
The culture of our creators allows us to discover, every year, new designs, such as: Dueling Dots, Freeway Window or Summit.


Also, the range we have continues with the funds composed of pieces of 2×2, 5×5 cm., Tiles of 10×10, 40×40 cm., Very well “aged” as well as a range of other “patterns” (assembly of pieces of different sizes and colors to form a design) which gives a very wide scale of prices, with a price to the public that is between € 55 and € 400 / m2 for most products of the different collections.

The range of borders is also very complete with very sober and other more expressive products. As for prices, for the set of borders, we find from € 30 up to € 400 / ml. price to the public, also for most products in the collection.

All our products are designed to provide a unique experience and to be able to offer the client a product of a unique and unparalleled beauty!

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